Software and Services

Lines / Fairling Hydrostatics Hull Block Sections 3D Cad model

We have a wide range of industry leading Cad Cam Systems.

Tribon M series        3D, Hull, Outfit  and Mechanical Design  
Aveva Marine 12 (PDMS)        3D, Initial Design, Fairing, Structural, Hull, Outfit  and Mechanical Design
Nupas/Cadmatic 3D, Hull, Outfit  and Mechanical Design
Autocad 2D, Design

Also the latest engineering software:

Femap               Finite Element Analysis
Solidworks Finite Element Analysis


We utilize Management Software  tools assist us with our Agile approach to Engineering our complex projects.
In order to ensure the correct capacity is available for your project additional details are required such as:

Project Specifications

  • Classifiation rules and regulations to be applied
  • General Arrangement
  • Details of the work scope required
  • Expected/anticipated delivery status


Our services include :-

  • Local and Ship wide Structural Calculations
  • Finite Element Models
  • Structural Class approval Plans
  • 3D modeling of Hull Block Sections and Production Drawings
  • Pipe System Diagrams
  • 3D Routing of Pipe / HVAC / Cable systems and Installation Drawings, Pipe Sketches
  • Machinery & Deck Outfit including Arrangements